Creative Mother’s Day message ideas for older kids

Are you a teacher, dad, grandparent–someone who will coach children in their Mother’s Day messages and gifts? Here are some fresh ideas to get them started on their messages.

Young children may touch mom’s heart with their crayon-drawn cards….

….but older children can begin to venture outside the box  of “Thanks for all you do for me” into specific actions mom does. Just two or three of them will communicate a deeper level of appreciation perhaps.

Older children and teens can begin to articulate specific qualities, character, personality traits and attitudes.

These creative sentences may spark children’s short messages affirming the spirit of their mother. I like these ideas offered by Keely Chace :

  • You’re the glue that holds us together.

4 ideas to guide a child toward experiencing God

enthusiasm preschool girlThe experience of God is certainly unique to each individual. Some speak of God as largely inside of us. Others say God is watching us from a distance.  Even in religious families who share a theology, each family member walks on his or her own daily path in relationship to God.

How can I show children some possible avenues for experiencing God?

father son 2Perhaps some of the ideas below will spark your thinking, fitting them into your understanding of God, if necessary.

  1. When difficult or frightening events have occurred in my life, I have explained to the child how I sensed God was present with me.
  2. I am able to discuss with the child the varied avenues or ways God has used to communicate with me and/or others.

Emotional & spiritual intelligence: “My dad shows me how”

One dad has been laying a spiritual foundation for his children based upon the truth about their higher power, as they understand it–God knows you, loves you and cares about you.

emotionsThis dad shares his approach to helping his children know that they are known by God and loved by God. Notice how precisely his actions display the character of their higher power, combining emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence.

I make time when my kids want to discuss or emote on any part of their life.

father-daughterI am creating space to be with them in what they are feeling and thinking. They can express what they’re experiencing and I don’t correct them. Sometimes I have to let go of what I think their outcome should be. Yet I am there to help them navigate out.