A Strong Foundation

A Strong Foundation

Each child has a unique way of viewing the world through their own innate sense of spirituality. Adults who are willing to encourage children to explore and develop at their own pace and in their own way can assist in building a strong foundation that will stand firm even in difficult life experiences.

Your Presence Matters

Children need multiple intergenerational relational connections to thrive spiritually.
A faith community is also an excellent resource. However, a few hours each week spent in a religious service is not sufficient to meet the child’s spiritual needs.  Touching a child’s life with an intentional focus on helping them grow spiritually can make the difference that propels a child into a successful and joyful adulthood.

Respond with Confidence

Respond with Confidence

Our resources can equip you to strengthen a child’s human spirit. We offer ideas for responding to their deeper and often difficult questions about God and life. You’ll find conversation starters that help children develop a moral compass to guide their choices.

A new book written by Janet Logan and Tara Miller, Child-Centered Spirituality: Helping children develop their own spirituality is a valuable resource to help adults — both parents and other caregivers — develop and guide children’s innate spirituality. We encourage open dialogue and exploration as children engage in their own journeys of ongoing discovery.

As adults, we need to help children foster their own sense of spirituality even if it makes us uncomfortable, and even if we run the risk of them coming to different conclusions from our own. Our role is not to make their choices for them — which we cannot do anyway — but to guide them in their own unique process of spiritual development.

This book is not only for parents, but also for grandparents, godparents, teachers, friends of the family… anyone who has important children in their lives whom they love and in whom they want to invest. We are firm believers that it takes a village! This book is for people who believe it’s important to create space for children to process the big questions in life.

Child-Centered Spirituality is for:

  • People on the whole spectrum of religion — Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.
  • Nonreligious people who are fairly certain God exists
  • Those who aren’t certain if God exists
  • The open-minded, which is different than undecided

Child-Centered Spirituality is not for:

  • People who are anti-religion or believe spirituality is bad for children
  • Fundamentalists of any branch who believe that questioning or exploring is wrong

You can have opinions and beliefs yourself and still be open-minded that other traditions may have something to offer as well. In this book, we encourage children to ask questions… even when those questions make us squirm… because we believe it’s in their best interest to have dialogue and think through these things. We desire to help you engage in open dialogue with the children in your life, whether you have a formal or well-defined set of beliefs or not. Child-centered spirituality affirms their natural seeking behavior.

Child-centered is exactly what it sounds like: it’s not about us as the adults, but about the needs and desires of the child. Our goal in this book is not to shape, influence, or manipulate children, but to honor what God has already placed within them.

Child-Centered Spirituality will be published in the Fall of 2017 and is a perfect holiday gift. Sign up to be notified when the book becomes available!

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