Creative Mother’s Day message ideas for older kids

Are you a teacher, dad, grandparent–someone who will coach children in their Mother’s Day messages and gifts? Here are some fresh ideas to get them started on their messages.

Young children may touch mom’s heart with their crayon-drawn cards….

….but older children can begin to venture outside the box  of “Thanks for all you do for me” into specific actions mom does. Just two or three of them will communicate a deeper level of appreciation perhaps.

Older children and teens can begin to articulate specific qualities, character, personality traits and attitudes.

These creative sentences may spark children’s short messages affirming the spirit of their mother. I like these ideas offered by Keely Chace :

  • You’re the glue that holds us together.

Spirituality for highly creative kids

creative boyAll kids are by nature creative. But if you have highly creative kids in your life, you might recognize these common traits identified by Carolyn Gregoire and Scott Kaufman, authors of Wired to Create:

  1. an openness to one’s inner life
  2. a preference for complexity and ambiguity
  3. an unusually high tolerance for disorder and disarray
  4. the ability to extract order from chaos
  5. independence
  6. unconventionality
  7. a willingness to take risks

The big surprise

The big surprise in a creative kid’s imagination network may be that an openness to one’s inner life shows up as the strongest of all the common traits.

Child-centered spirituality nurtures the inner life of a creative child.

Here are some specific ideas for different age groups.

toys talkAGES 2-5