7th Anniversary and final blog

final blogSeven years ago, the Child-Centered Spirituality website launched based upon the premise that a child’s spiritual development is as important as physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development.

Regular blog posts served as a vehicle for best practices and stories supporting that premise. The posts led to a book. The book led to a workshop. Now, this final blog.

With appreciation

  1. Tara Miller, coauthor of Child-Centered Spirituality, edited the posts and offered suggestions for six years. She’s been a guest blogger on occasion.
  2. Alisha Ule provided social media support. She contributed art ideas, created the posters for quotations and more.
  3. Michelle Coe steered the book launch, designed the book cover and redesigned the website.
  4. Annette Schalk did the German translations for four years.
  5. Readers gave ideas for discussion through their questions and comments.

My reflections: People of faith who taught & coached me

I am certain that the rewards of beginning one’s spiritual journey in childhood are profound and plentiful. I am certain that wise adults who are good listeners matter to a child’s quality of spiritual life. As someone who had these adults in my childhood–and throughout my adult life–I can attest to the rewards that millions of people reap from living their life with God. Personally, I became a disciple of Jesus but I appreciate the broad reach that child-centered spirituality has enjoyed with families of all faiths.

My reflections: Rewarded with quality of life

  • A greater balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit produces a sense of well-being.
  • Increased awareness of God’s presence within and in the world around reduces fear and anxiety.
  • An attachment bond with God brings belonging and meaning.

Be blessed

May you be blessed with an abundant life anchored in the reality of who and what is Truth. Look for God’s presence in your everyday life. You’ll be surprised by how great is God’s love and how often God attempts to make you aware of his interest in you (and all God’s children) each day. May you find ways to make a difference in the lives of other people. Make it a top priority to support wholeheartedly the spiritual development of the children you love. Grace and peace to you. Amen.