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One dad says, “For a long time, my wife and I were so busy responding to the chaos around us in our family that we never had a chance to address the questions of values, meaning and purpose.”

How about you? If you tried out some of these conversation-starters on a road trip this summer, how do you think your children (starting at age 10) might respond?

  • I wish I was more…..
  • My family thinks I am….
  • What I want to accomplish with my life is….
  • These things I do every day are meaningful to me….
  • My life matters because….
  • One thing about myself I would change is…
  • One thing about myself I would never change is…
  • I think that what God thinks about me and my life is….
  • These things that happened to me are part of my developing as a person….
  • I wish my family would…
  • When I want to talk about something important, the person or people I go to are….

For many parents, the thought of opening these conversations with kids can be frightening.

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Remember, we’re talking about ages 10 and up. We might not like the answers we get. Yet our willingness to talk openly about spiritual matters from their earliest years of life is the gift of wholeness in their being, leading to much greater balance of body, mind, spirit and emotion.

These conversations are gifts you give your children to prepare them for whatever spiritual journeys await them.

When they are young adults, they will take it from here. Where will they take it? Impossible to say– or to control.

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