“It took me years to figure out what my kids aren’t getting, so I could go out and get it.”

Disappointment hung on these words: because of a lack of knowledge; for the difficulty of facing down what’s fragile in life; for the uncertainty around what really matters in the end.

hopeIn the same breath, hope burns brightly.

This parent went out and got it—decided what investments to make in the child and took steps to make it happen.

The legacy I want to leave through this blog is connected to this parent’s statement.

I want every reader to discover your unique role and responsibilities within the spiritual development of the important children in your life and to achieve it with excellence.

With the five minutes of your time each week it takes to read Child-Centered Spirituality…..

….I challenge you to reflect, evaluate and act now. I ask questions like, “How can I promote a fulfilling, meaningful life for this child?” “How should I respond to the hard questions?” “How do I engage with children about the wrongs I have done?” “What will I leave behind as a legacy?”

shadow parent child381861_1172I try to increase your awareness of what children are and are not getting from you.

I do this by giving ideas for forming new habits of engagement with children, rather than just letting life happen to you in the same old way.

In the weeks following my mother’s death in August, an insight dawned: My parents equipped me fully to live without them. I have everything I need for life.

How did they do this? Not perfectly by any external standard. But they did it perfectly for me. I have been able to fill in the missing parts, learned from the hardships and joys of life.  It hasn’t been all good but all things have worked together for good in my life.

Standing on this foundation, I write each week.

In addition, several talented people collaborate with me in the writing and distribution of the blog. Tara Miller edits and contributes ideas. Alisha Ule assists with social media. Annette Schalk does the German translation. Ryan Schultz provides technical support.

thanksThanks to all of my readers on this 2nd anniversary of the Child-centered Spirituality blog!

Your Likes, Shares and Comments lift my spirit, and for the most frequent of these, I say a special thanks to Bob L, Richard M, Patricia G, Laura L, Aloyce L, Megan R, Michelle U,  and Shan S.

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