109806_3414 sad boyNo. God keeps loving you the same whether you make a wrong choice or a right one.*

But God often provides a consequence.

It might come through your teacher, or from your conscience and you feel miserable the rest of the day, maybe have trouble sleeping that night.

God loves you but God is not pleased with hateful, lying, mean behavior.

Consequences are an important way God expresses love to you.

  • 954294_83183508 choreSometimes consequences from bad behavior leave you feeling guilty, embarrassed or mad.
  • You might lose a friend.
  • Occasionally you have to find jobs to do in order to earn money to pay for damage done.
  • Your family can start to doubt you and act suspicious of you for a long time when your words or actions break their trust.

God hopes you will choose wisely next time because he wants a good life for you, a life of love.

God is for you, not against you. He knows that a good life comes when you live by God’s rules.

Freddie's kidsConsequences from good behavior give you a happy feeling.

Often you feel that God is pleased with you and proud of you. In fact, one great way to let God know you love him — follow his rules of life.

Many people say that he had people write them down and put them in a book. Different religions have different books: The Torah, The Bible, The Koran. For the most part, these different books will have similar teachings about right and wrong — no lying, stealing or killing. And treat others the way you want to be treated.

You might have a book like this at your house.

For sure you can find one on the computer. Ask an adult you trust. They may have a children’s version of the book and they can help you find some of those rules.

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