Find ways to get more children to have a place to speak and everyone will be richer as a result.

Ask children what they think and they will often tell you. Don’t ask them, and not only won’t they tell you, they won’t quite know themselves.

The act of articulating something – actually saying it – often is the moment of insight that allows kids to know what they know. So speaking and knowing are often the same thing.

They can’t speak when we’re doing the talking.  

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In the link below I have included a connection to a 2-minute video (from the Wexler Oral History Project of the Yiddish Book Center) where a young woman is asked about her values and how they connects to the issue she cares about – in this case the environment.

Notice that she has good ideas, clear thoughts and something important to offer.

Speaking is powerful. Seek to understand, and only rarely to change someone’s mind. Don’t be too anxious to get the last word.

Choose your first words well and create space for children’s voices to join in.   

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