What must every child have to feel secure?  The safety of routine.

Children are creatures of routine. As much as they may love the occasional adventure, they feel safer knowing they can fall back into their familiar patterns. See how this father creates a sense of security by making predictable routines for his son’s life:

“I have been actively guiding and setting boundaries with my little one and I know it takes a lot of practice and consistent monitoring. Generally, he will cry for a moment but then want me to comfort him. Before long he runs off to the next project. It is nice to see that he recovers so quickly. When I keep him and those around him (our dog) safe he does have a good time and laughs a lot.”

The human spirit develops a sense of safety in a similar way.

The most basic building blocks of spirituality are

  1. a healthy sense of oneself as a human being and unique individual
  2. attending to things of eternal significance

Give children your undivided attention when issues of self-image, conscience or character show up in your interactions with them. That attention will help them develop an inner sense of safety.

The beautiful part is that children with a deep sense of safety– physically, emotionally, and spiritually– give themselves the freedom to explore, risk and discover.


  • Giving attention to self-image, conscience and character helps children develop an inner sense of safety.   Click to Tweet
  • Children with a deep sense of safety give themselves freedom to explore, risk and discover.  Click to Tweet