grandparenting through lettersA friend of mine told me how he stepped up his grandparenting last January. He said, “I began writing a weekly letter to my grandkids (five live in Australia and two live in California). My main purpose is to tell them that I love them. I also share something about how God shows up in my everyday life, as well as to share about me and my family. I don’t get much time with the grandkids in Australia, so this is an opportunity to help them get to know their dad’s (my son’s) family.

He continued, “I share this with you because I’m convinced that I am to have a three or four generation perspective. I’m also convinced in my heart that if I don’t do this, no one will do it in quite the same way I am. Helping these young grandkids know that I love them and that I love God is imperative.”

Grandparenting through farming

grandparenting through farmingGeorge Hendry is a farmer in Napa Valley, CA. He has been farming the same vineyard since 1939. He spoke with me recently about his approach to bringing the younger generations into the family business. Notice the similarity to spiritual development. “I tell my grandchildren that farming is hard work. It’s not just a 40-hour a week job. It requires quite a commitment. Only go into it if that’s truly what you want to do. It’s okay if you don’t want to, but know what you’re getting into.

“The 3rd generation is on board and committed. It is yet to be determined what the 4th generation will do because they are still so little. I spotted some in the 2nd generation who were interested, and some who were not. It depends on their motivation. You have to really love farming and cooperate with what nature delivers to you. Don’t try to force things.” Mr. Hendry implied that relative to grandchildren, it’s the same principle: Let them discover who they are and what they are motivated to do.

These are two grandparents with a view toward legacy and destiny who continue to make an impact on their families.

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