Name   Child-Centered Spirituality

Date of birth  December 9, 2013

Weight  Light as a child’s heart; Heavy as the meaning of life

Length  About 300 words per week

First steps

1252919_96474559 first steps

  • First reader appeared who was not a family member or personal friend
  • First subscriber signed up on her own, not because I begged
  • When someone found enough merit in a post to “Share” it with his Facebook friends
  • First language translation: German

888077_92439238 communityA growing number of people trust Child-Centered Spirituality

We would be nothing without this community who shares the idea that children come to us with a vibrant human spirit, that we have the opportunity to develop and encourage what has already been placed inside the child.

So I’d like to acknowledge here (in no particular order) some of the efforts readers made to promote Child-Centered Spirituality in its first year:

  • Seeing Richard’s “Like” on almost every post the entire year
  • Michelle’s frequent “Share” with her social media networks, referring me to Alisha, and more
  • Shan standing by me in Dec-Jan-Feb when I felt like throwing in the towel
  • Conrad sharing the link with his friends in Australia
  • Parents, too many to name, who gave consent to use a story or picture of their children

The “we” you may not know

860841_56786124 shadow

You’re welcome to take a peek behind the scenes of Child Centered Spirituality. Four people collaborate with me in the writing and distribution of the blog. Tara Miller edits and contributes ideas. Alisha Ule assists with social media and technical support. Annette Schalk does the German translation. And my husband Bob has been an unwavering source of support throughout the entire process.

Thank you for reading

Sadly, no way to get a piece of birthday cake to you, but this is the recipe I used for Snickers Candy Bar Cake.

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