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Today we celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Child-Centered Spirituality website.

personal note anniversaryThank you….

With gratitude to you who read us on Facebook, in your email box, and on the blogsite. Some of you find us on Pinterest and share with others the beautiful posters made by Alisha Ule.

Two highlights of my own year

A move back to Southern California heads my list of highlights and a close second is all that I gained in two years living in Northern California.  While there, I found enjoyment through working in the hospitality business for the first time, and in living close to family.

Workshop offered — Book published

We now offer a workshop to your group, faith community or organization: “Spiritual Styles: How does a child most naturally connect with God?” Especially valuable for Sunday School teachers and family members. Contact me at

In addition to the bimonthly blog, we’ve seen publication of the book: Child-Centered Spirituality: Helping Children Develop Their Own Spirituality.

Coming — for schools and churches

Several years ago, the Barna Group published an incredible statistic. It found that less than 10% of families have spiritual conversations in the home. This includes families who are a regular part of a faith community!

Recently I’ve been working on a series called Kids & God @Home. When I gather 52 short (<150 words) entries, I will make them available to parochial schools and churches. The purpose is to use them in the school newsletter or church program/bulletin so that families can more easily make spirituality part of their home life.

Best wishes for your holiday season!