A mother’s work is never done. The same could be said of a teacher. In this environment of budget cuts and layoffs, teachers often are called upon to be teacher, nurse, counselor, parent, custodian, judge/jury and cafeteria worker.

Minolta DSCEntering a new school year, some parents and caregivers may not realize the combined frustrations and desires in the heart of their child’s teachers. As you read, maybe ideas will spark of how your human spirit can reach out to your child’s teachers this year.

School policy and curriculum govern the position of classroom teacher.

My friend Roshaun, who works in a school district of almost 700,000 students, says: I have been teaching for over 14 years and the job has changed so much. The position is more political. High-stakes testing has replaced real, genuine learning.

Each year we teachers are faced with the newest fad in education and told to implement it perfectly–and our job performance will be measured by that. Huh? My thoughts exactly. This has made my job very difficult and less enjoyable.

The job involves so much more than compliance with standards.

With his focus firmly rooted in content and skills to prepare his students for success, Roshaun still engages their human spirit:

 classroom empathy 826952_43122329I try to create an atmosphere of empathy and care. I spend a few minutes each day to create ‘teachable moments’ about how we treat one another and how our words and actions affect others. In other words, I’m teaching them the principle of how to treat your neighbor as yourself.

Watch this video about rituals of human connection in a classroom setting.

Pay attention to how you feel. See the way teachers partner with you to develop the human spirit in addition to promoting intellectual development.


  • Entering a new school year, parents may not realize the combined frustrations and desires in the heart of their child’s teacher. Click to Tweet
  • Teachers focus on content and skills to prepare kids for success but they still engage their human spirit. Click to Tweet