butterflyA captivating 4-minute animated video sheds light on the mystery of how children find their life purpose.




A friend of Bill’s, one of our blog readers, explains that Bill died in October 2015 in the mountains of Ethiopia while on assignment for his employer, The Field Museum in Chicago, doing what he loved.

Finding what we love is part of the spiritual journey.

We have talents, aptitudes, feelings, intelligence, traits and a human spirit. Everything about us is woven together so that we are able to find and do what we love. Whether we see God’s design and involvement in this or a specific combination of DNA coming together by chance, both perspectives flow together into the same message: Nurture a child’s fascination.

What adults did to cause Bill to flip the switch of purpose:

  • In-home resources: He had access to a book about butterflies.
  • Introduction to a person who does what Bill loves: His mother knew about, and took him to, a museum where he got expert advice.
  • “You can handle this”: His mother sent him in to speak to the Curator of Insects alone.
  • Genuine praise and respect from the curator: “I have never seen a better-prepared specimen. How did you do it?”
  • Follow-up loop: The curator gave Bill the proper supplies, with the directive to make another specimen and “Bring it back to me.”

In Bill’s career overseeing all of the 30 million specimens and objects in the Field Museum, he helped to flip the switch in many young minds. Bill said the solutions to the problems that plague our world are dependent on these young people.


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