Published !  The book that inspired the blog became a reality in November— Child-Centered Spirituality: Helping children develop their own spirituality. .

We talk with our children about the importance of school work, about physical health, about how to navigate social difficulties. We even talk with them about sex, drugs, and internet safety…or if we don’t we know we should. Why do we find it so difficult to talk with children about God?

This is a book to help you engage with the children in your life about their spiritual needs. You can order here,

Our team celebrates this published milestone.

Each team member–Tara Miller, Alisha Ule, Michelle Coe and Annette Schalk—had a vital part in producing the book or blog.  And I am looking ahead to what’s coming!

In development

published book helps boyA workshop about Child-Centered Spirituality in Pasadena, CA in April 2018 and seed ideas are emerging:

  • Your unique role and responsibilities within the spiritual development of the important children in your life.
  • Understand that children develop their spirituality according to their personality and temperament.
  • A Spiritual Style assessment can help us be more focused on best practices with each child.

We want your feedback!

published book feedbackAfter you’ve read the book, what questions do you have? What worked? What didn’t work for you?  Here’s some early feedback from one reader:  “I might subtitle your book ‘conversation starters.’ Since each of us has a ‘God sized hole’ in our heart, this book helps parents and others recognize or initiate a spiritual issue (question), and respond well. As a parent I missed way too many opportunities because I wasn’t prepared, either for the question, or with a good answer. Your book is prep101.”

A word of appreciation

Thanks to each reader who found ideas here worth using with kids, and an extra cheer when you let us know that it made a difference in the child’s life. We wish you all the best in the coming year!

To thank you for supporting us, we are giving away a free copy of the book to two lucky winners.  Enter below:

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